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‘Paramilitaries’ rise from Mexico’s cartels

“Mexico’s security forces are hailing the capture of “El Chabelo”, a high-ranking Zetas cartel boss, as a victory in the battle against drug violence. But The Zetas – one of Mexico’s most violent gangs – are also facing fire from a self-described vigilante group calling themselves the “mata Zetas”, or Zetas killers.

Alleged vigilantes with apparent links to cartels have been implicated in at least 67 murders in the past several weeks, in which mutilated bodies were strewn across a highway underpass and stuffed in shuttered houses around Veracruz state. Some analysts worry that Mexico’s drug violence is transcending levels normally associated with gang turf wars. “

Source: ‘Paramilitaries’ rise from Mexico’s cartels – Features – Al Jazeera English

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