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First drug gang car bomb kills police in Mexico border city

Suspected drug gang members launched a car bomb attack on police in Mexico’s border city of Ciudad Juarez for the first time, killing two police and two medics, a general said Friday.

The attack marked an escalation in Mexico’s brutal drug violence, which has left some 7,000 people dead so far this year, official figures showed Friday, compared with 9,000 killed in the whole of 2009.

Ciudad Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes said that gang members had set a trap late Thursday using a wounded person dressed as a municipal police officer to lure federal police to a main intersection, before a car bomb exploded.

‘The supposed police officer had his mouth open, and his hands tied behind his back, which is why medical workers approached him,’ Reyes said.

Police initially said that attackers had rammed a police convoy in Mexico’s murder capital.

General Eduardo Zarate said the attack left two policemen, a paramedic and a doctor dead, and wounded 11 others. It was not clear if one of the deceased was the decoy police officer.

‘Residue from 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of an explosive known as C4 and the remnants of a mobile telephone device were found’ near the burned-out cars and damaged buildings at the scene, Zarate told reporters.”

(Source: First drug gang car bomb kills police in Mexico border city – Yahoo! News UK)

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