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Strava’s new heat maps reveal less, thanks to DoD

“Strava, the popular run-tracking app that also releases heat maps of its users’ movements, is hoping that remaking its maps every month is enough to mitigate any risks that come from broadcasting how people travel. This change came earlier in March as part of the company’s response to the high visibility of an exercise heat map that revealed jogging routes on small military bases across the world. Announced last week, the changes include maps that only show the last two years of data, and that refresh monthly, removing any data from users with profiles set to ‘private.’ Routes run by only one or a few people will no longer show up on the heat map (the update doesn’t specific how many people for that threshold), which in theory could eliminate the tracks around missile sites that were part of January’s uproar.”

Source: Strava’s new heat maps reveal less, thanks to DoD

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