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Videos show Via Rail terrorism suspects scoping out location

“As a Via Rail train passed dangerously close to three men plotting the best way to cause it to careen off the tracks, Raed Jaser allegedly said: ‘That’s the target.’
Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier are now on trial in a downtown Toronto court for plotting to commit a terrorist act and other terrorism-related offences.
The third man with them on the tracks is undercover FBI agent Tamer el-Noury, who befriended Esseghaier by posing as a wealthy, radical Muslim businessman offering to bankroll the plot. El-Noury is testifying as the Crown’s key witness and has identified Esseghaier and Jaser in secret audio recordings and an aerial surveillance video taken on Sept. 24, 2012.”

Source: Videos show Via Rail terrorism suspects scoping out location | Toronto Star

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