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Fusion Center Issues Warning Regarding ISIL Call to Kill Law Enforcement and Intelligence Professionals

At least one Fusion Center has issued an awareness bulletin regarding an ISIL video calling for the targeting of law enforcement and intelligence professionals in the U.S., France, Australia, and Canada.

“A nine-minute video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was released via TwitterUSPER on January 10, 2015; the message was posted by the TwitterUSPER handle @ISsSsSsSNH. In the video message, an ISIL spokesman calls on Muslims to kill intelligence officers, police officers, soldiers, and civilians. It specifically mentioned the United States, France, Australia, and Canada as countries to be targeted.

The video message is consistent with a previous message from Abu Muhammad alAdnani, the spokesman for ISIL, in September 2014 calling for similar attacks against police officers, soldiers, intelligence officers, and government employees. In light of the terrorist attacks
in France earlier this week, this information is being provided to intelligence and law enforcement partners.

The authenticity of the video has not yet verified, but the WSFC is releasing this notification because of its content for public and officer safety awareness. DHS and FBI are developing a Joint Intelligence Bulletin highlighting this information for dissemination to all law
enforcement partners, which will be distributed as soon as it is published.”

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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