Assessing the Chinese Government’s Role in the Stock Markets

“China’s stock market crisis rolls on. On Monday, markets experienced their biggest drops since late August. Throughout the summer, the Chinese government intervened forcefully to try to slow or reverse the fall, which many economic analysts say is a necessary and long-overdue correction. The government has spent as much as $235 billion to buy shares and bolster the indexes. More alarming for investors, it has placed strict limits on selling shares and ordered the police to investigate short-sellers, hedge funds and investment firms suspected of stoking the market downturn. A journalist for Caijing, a respected newsmagazine, was detained and forced to apologize on state television for writing an article that the authorities said may have harmed the market.”

Source: Assessing the Chinese Government’s Role in the Stock Markets – The New York Times

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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