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Afghanistan:‬ After Mullah Omar

“For two years Taliban kept his demise secret from the eyes of their own people as well as the international spies swarming Afghanistan, and have elected Mullah Akhtar Mansur, as his successor, later to be ratified by the Milli Shoora, which could not meet due to fear of an aerial attack. It was the peace process launched by Pakistan which compelled the Taliban to make Mullah Omar’s’ death public, because, his conditions for peace were violated. Mullah Omar’s unflinching demands are: ‘You are defeated, exit now and let Afghans form an Islamic Government according to their traditions.’ Mullah Mansur’s decision was thus challenged by the die-hard Taliban, forcing him to announce: ‘The peace talks cannot be held unless Mullah Omar’s demands were met. War against foreign occupation, therefore, will continue unabated.’ The emerging situation thus leaves many questions to be answered.”

Source: Afghanistan:‬ After Mullah Omar

OODA Analyst

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