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Unrest Turns Deadly in West Bank as Palestinian Authority’s Grip Loosens

Earlier this week, Palestinian Authority security forces reportedly clashed with armed groups protesting unrest in the city of Nablus. The individuals were reportedly throwing stones as the unrest has intensified in the West Bank amid a series of Israeli raids and arrests of militants. The conflict left at least one Palestinian dead, and could be a deeper sign that the Palestinian Authority is losing control of certain regions of the West bank. Officials have confirmed that there is a growing movement that is hostile both to the Palestinian governing body and the Israeli occupation.

Video footage of the conflict reveals dozens of young men pelting Palestinian Authority security vehicles with stones. The incident may have been provoked due to the arrest of two Hamas militants by Palestinian authorities the night before. More footage shows tear gas and gunfire is audible in the background. Nablus is a city of 170,000 individuals set between two holy mountains. Hamas militants are currently banned in the West Bank by Israel, and Israeli and Palestinian authorities have worked together to maintain this ban. Which group was responsible for the death that occurred earlier this week remains unclear.

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