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UK to make changes to extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Britain’s government is planning to make changes in its extradition arrangements with Hong Kong as of Today following an escalation of tensions between China and the UK amid the implementation of China’s new national security law. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly expressed his concerns alongside other leaders that the new law is overly restrictive as well as human rights violations occurring within the country, particularly with the treatment of the Uighur minority.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that he planned to take a tough stance against the issue, however, he clarified that he was not “automatically anti-China.” Later on Monday, the UK is expected to push out extradition changes in a statement to the House of Commons. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stated that normal operations cannot continue as human rights violations occur in China. The UK will likely follow the example of the US, Australia, and Canada later today and suspend extradition arrangements.

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