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Surge in Coronavirus deaths reported in southern Yemen

A sudden spike in deaths due to Coronavirus in Yemen city Aden sparked fear of those who reside there. Residents fear that the number of confirmed cases and deaths is far larger than the reported values because the health system is weak due to years of civil war. Save the Children reported official figures that stated there had been at least 380 deaths within the past week. The health system appears to be collapsing as ventilators are short in supply and medics, who lack proper protection, refuse to go work.

Those who live in Yemen fear for their lives because there is a lack of proper supplies and treatment. Yemen’s entire country only possesses a total of 500 ventilators, which is not nearly enough for the number of Coronavirus cases Save the Children fears exist. Currently, there are four exclusive labs throughout the entire country that can test for the deadly disease. As of now the World Health Organization reports 72 cases with a scarce amount of 13 deaths. Save the Children continues to report the rapid rate in which they see people dying. Those showing symptoms are commonly lacking admittance to hospitals and the care they require.

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