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Suspected $3m Romance Scammer Extradited to Japan

Interpol has reportedly launched a new awareness campaign in which they warn the public of the dangers of romance scams after arresting 15 individuals suspected of being involved in a major romance scam conspiracy. Interpol will launch a two-week global campaign in which is plans to highlight the role of money mules in modern crime. The campaign seeks to remind people that they are responsible for keeping their own bank accounts safe, to a certain extent, and that moving money for others can land them in legal trouble.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and will explain the risks associated and how targets commonly fall for the scams. Interpol has reportedly identified a Japanese man who they believe is at the center of the romance scam campaign. The individual, Hikaru Morikawa, has been extradited to Japan after being arrested in Ghana. Morikawa is accused to posing as women on dating sites to trick victims into handing over money. The campaign brought in roughly $3 million overall, Interpol says.

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