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Ukrainians DDoS Russian Vodka Supply Chains

Ukrainian cyber actors have reportedly interfered with alcohol shipments delivered to Russia via distributed denial of service (DD0S) attacks targeting a critical online portal. In Russia, alcohol producers and distributors are required to register shipments with the EGAIS portal. However, the portal was reportedly taken offline by Ukrainian hacktivists earlier this month. Some entities reported that the site was down on May 2 and 3 due to the attack. The outage impacted vodka, wine, and other alcohol distribution.

Government sources claim that the site is running normally and that any interruption or excessive waiting time is due to high demand. However, one company named Fort had failed to upload 70% of its invoices to the portal because of the outage. The delays will likely only be temporary, but shows Ukraine’s ability to interfere with Russian operations. Russian warehouses were allegedly flooded with products that were unable to be moved to distribution centers, causing shortages in restaurants and bars. The attack was likely part of a hactivist effort coordinated by the Ukrainian government in which volunteers are urged to launch DDoS attacks against prominent Russian sites such as the EGAIS portal.

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