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Anonymous Hackers Threaten To Expose The Many Crimes Of Minneapolis Police

A well-known hacktivist group by the name of Anonymous has allegedly resurfaced over the weekend, claiming to have secret information on pressing government controversy, as well as taking the Minneapolis PD website offline. The actions were taken in the wake of widespread protests over the death of George Floyd on May 25. Civil unrest has escalated over the weekend, causing Anonymous to resurface after three years of overwhelming silence. The group threatened the Minneapolis Police Department in a released video, stating that it will “expose your many crimes to the world.”

On Saturday, the MPD’s website was taken offline as problems continued throughout the night. On Sunday, servers were back up running but now included a captcha to mitigate DDoS attack risks. In the video released by the group, they claim to have information about other MPD killings in recent years, accusing the department of a “horrific track record of violence and corruption.”

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