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‘Secure’ Backup Company Leaks 135 Million Records Online

VpnMentor has discovered that a company claiming to provide secure backups, SOS Online Backup, has leaked metadata and customer information in over 135 million records after a misconfigured online database was uncovered by cybersecurity researchers. The incident was exposed as part of vpnMentor’s ongoing mapping project that already found major cloud data leaks at companies like Decathlon, PhotoSquared, and Yves Rocher.

SOS Online Backup is allegedly a multi-award-winning provider with 12 data centers around the globe. The company did not respond when contacted about the breach by security experts, however, the data leak was mitigated 9 days after initial contact, on December 19. The breach, in total, exposed over 135 million records and 70GB of metadata related to user accounts.

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