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Magecart Cyberattack Targets NutriBullet Website

A Magecart group has taken over NutriBullet’s website, installing skimmers across the site that aim to steal customer payment card data. Researchers warned the public about the security risk, stating that it was likely Magecart Group 8 behind the cybercrime. A researcher with RiskIQ stated on Wednesday that a JavaScript web skimmer code was inserted on the website on February 20. The skimmer directly targeted the website’s checkout page, where they have the ability to steal payment card information.

On Tuesday, the company stated that the malicious code had been removed and that there was no further risk. NutriBullet also stated that their IT team address the situation on March 17, the same day they learned of the breach, identified the code and promptly removed it. However, this means that customers were at risk for almost a month. To close the statement, NutriBullet stated that they have updated their cybersecurity policies to include Multi-Factor Authentication to prevent future incidents.

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