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Kali Linux Adds ‘Undercover’ Mode to Impersonate Windows 10

Kali Linux is popular among ethical hackers and pen testers alike, commonly used by researchers and red teamers to perform security tests. Last week, Kali Linux released version 2019.4 to the public, and the newest version boasts a new ‘undercover’ mode in which users can convert the Linux desktop to look like a Windows 10 device. Kali Linux’s reputation is the driving force behind this ‘undercover’ mode, as it may be suspicious to run Kali Linux in a professional or public setting. The new model solves this issue by offering users the option to make it appear as though they are running Windows rather than Linux.

The undercover command can be run directly from the terminal or from the desktop search, and it is simple to switch back and forth from a “windows 10” to a Kali Linux desktop appearance. Other features include improvements in Kali Documentation, BTRFS during setup, added PowerShell, and patched bugs.

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