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5G hackers: These six groups will try to break into the networks of tomorrow

European security agency Enisa has identified the groups it believes are the biggest threat to 5G networks. Enisa warns that threats to telecoms infrastructure will increase with the arrival of 5G and next-generation mobile connectivity. 5G will present a wide array of risks, from automated factories to connected cars, attracting hacking groups with different motives. With the introduction of 5G, there will inevitably be new vulnerabilities that could be exploited by threat agent groups.

The list includes cybercriminals, as cybercrime has recently advanced in terms of capabilities. Enisa states that 5G may be a target for cybercriminals whose motives are to stead data or conduct frauds. Cybercriminals are typically motivated by financial compensation for their hacks. The next threat to 5G may be insiders, due to their proximity to 5G technology and their understanding of the network and its vulnerabilities. Dishonest insiders pose a huge threat, as they could misuse their access to vital network functions, causing large scale issues. Nation-States and the military come last on the list.

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