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Attention cybersecurity entrepreneurs: CISOs want simplicity!

As the cybersecurity field matures and enterprises face elevated security stacks due to the variety and sophistication of cybersecurity threats, it is critical that cybersecurity entrepreneurs address how to differentiate their organization and insert their offerings into these stacks. Cambell Soup Company CISO Renee Guttmann states that she has been focusing on the simplification of her organizational security, saying that she often sheds incumbent solutions to utilize a tight IT budget and free up finances for new technology. VP and Deputy CISO at Walmart Adam Ely warns cybersecurity entrepreneurs against narrow point solutions, as Walmart and other large enterprises continue to be drawn to a dynamic and adaptive single platform that can address use cases and applications.

New solutions, according to the CISOs, are attractive for their simplicity, streamlining into existing security policies and operations. Suppliers who are ahead of the curve in terms of cybersecurity solutions and products are also enticing to today’s CISOs. As the market matures, it is imperative that entrepreneurs consider the nature of the cybersecurity marketplace and the idea of simplicity being key to winning over large enterprises.

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