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FBI Director Implores Corporate Boards to Join Cyber Fight

The FBI is encouraging companies to go directly to the federal government when their systems are breached or infected. In a recent speech, FBI Director Christopher Wray took a consoling tone with corporate board members, saying “I get that there’s a reluctance out there sometimes to turn to the feds when you’re hacked…[but] in our eyes you are and should be treated as victims, but time is of the essence in these cases.” He also stressed that the feds would attempt to avoid disrupting company operations during their investigations as much as possible, while also urging companies to approach mergers, deals, and joint ventures with Chinese companies with extreme caution, cautioning that  “a decision to enter into a particular joint venture or a contract with a particular vendor or cloud computing company may look good today…it might look even better in next quarter’s numbers. But that decision might not look so great a couple years down the road if you’re in the middle of a slow bleed of your intellectual property.” 

Source: FBI Director Implores Corporate Boards to Join Cyber Fight – Nextgov

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