Overcoming ‘Cyber-Fatigue’ Requires Users to Step Up for Security

“Policymakers get stuck, too: New groups of well-heeled executives convene to study the same old problem and end up issuing the same old recommendations anyway. The cybersecurity industry remains a constant presence by offering new white papers, products and services to meet these many recurring challenges, too.

In broad terms, though, we do nothing at all. Over time, this leads to what I call ‘cyber fatigue’ – namely, an inability to think critically about what needs to happen for meaningful, lasting cybersecurity improvements while focusing only on near-term problems. So as 2017 unfolds, instead of falling prey to cyber fatigue and tolerating the ‘status quo cyber,’ we should capitalize on the global trend toward radical change in taking some new approaches to internet security thinking. That includes how we as consumers and users of technology, both large and small, act to protect ourselves and our systems.”

Source: Overcoming ‘Cyber-Fatigue’ Requires Users to Step Up for Security | | Observer

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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