We Must Prepare Ourselves for the Cyberwars of the Future

“All future wars will begin as cyberwars. Cyberattacks and online disinformation campaigns will define the next generation of conflict, and they will unfold silently, invisibly and relatively inexpensively. The threat is real, but we are equipped with the means to keep the cyberpeace. It’s now incumbent on policymakers and tech companies to help keep our information secure and our infrastructure safe.

In many ways, the tools of cyberwarfare are irresistible to governments. Cyberattacks have already been used to weaken infrastructure, disrupt communications and spread disinformation. It’s much cheaper and less risky to design malware that, for example, destroys Iranian nuclear centrifuges than it would be to bomb a nuclear facility. Cyberattacks are often hard to detect and even harder to attribute, making these weapons appealing for covert operations, when governments want the ability to deny their involvement.”

Source: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen: We Must Prepare Ourselves for the Cyberwars of the Future | TIME

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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