Internet Attack shuts off the Heat in Finland

“According to a published statement from the local building management firm Valtia, and a report by the local Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, the attack was noticed after a building automation system used in two properties began issuing strange alarms and could not be remotely accessed. The cause was a sustained denial of service attack that was flooding the building management system with bogus Internet traffic, causing it to restart every few minutes, and denying remote administrators at Valtia access to the device. The attack spanned from late October through November 3, according to a report by the website

The result? ‘The majority of the controlled systems, such as heat distribution, ventilation and hot water went temporarily ‘broken’,’ the company said in a statement. To fix it, a technician visited the buildings and removed the affected hardware from the Internet until the malicious traffic could be filtered out.”

Source: Let’s Get Cyberphysical: Internet Attack shuts off the Heat in Finland | The Security Ledger

OODA Analyst

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