Russian Hacks Show Cybersecurity Limits

“To break into William Rinehart’s email account, hackers used old-fashioned trickery rather than a sophisticated cyberattack. On March 22, Mr. Rinehart opened an email that appeared to be from Google, telling him that someone was trying to access his account from Ukraine. The email urged him to change his password immediately. ‘I was a tad confused,’ said Mr. Rinehart, a former staffer on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who is now a director with the consulting firm Blue Rising. ‘I opened it and right when I clicked the link I had a bad feeling.’ Five months later, that bad feeling was confirmed. Someone dumped the contents of his Gmail account to a website called DC Leaks. Security experts believe that DC Leaks is run by hackers connected to the Russian government. The hack of Mr. Rinehart was earlier reported by website The Smoking Gun.”

Source: Russian Hacks Show Cybersecurity Limits – WSJ

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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