U.S. Government Targeted With GovRAT 2.0 Malware

“The developer recently launched GovRAT 2.0, which includes features for anti-debugging, detection evasion, automatically mapping hard disks and network shares, remote command execution, uploading and downloading files, communications protection, keylogging, browser and mail password dumping, Tor support, and network password sniffing. The threat also has worm capabilities that allow it to spread via USB devices and network shares.

For $1,000, interested parties can acquire the basic binaries and command and control (C&C) code for GovRAT 2.0. The complete package, which includes the source code of all components, costs $6,000.”

Source: U.S. Government Targeted With GovRAT 2.0 Malware | SecurityWeek.Com

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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