How to hack a government (to overthrow it)

“And while hilarious at times, it was a surprising eye-opener about how common hacking techniques combined with military know-how could help topple a regime.

But Rock noted that it takes more than just sitting behind a keyboard to be a kingmaker. To fill in the knowledge gaps he had, he enlisted the help of Simon Mann, a mercenary and former British army officer who was jailed (and eventually pardoned) for a failed coup of Equatorial Guinea in 2004.

With Mann’s help, Rock created a thorough plan that demonstrated how to overthrow the nation of Kuwait. He presented three methods for regime change: elections, coups and revolution. For Kuwait, he decided a coup was too messy, as it would require taking on a huge military force. Because the prime ministers and crown prince are appointed, the notion of a rigged election is moot. So Rock decided to go with a revolution.”

Source: How to hack a government

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