IBM trains Watson to be a cyber security cop

“Computing giant IBM has always had big plans for its brainy thinking computer named Watson. Since Watson beat human players at the TV game show ‘Jeopardy’ in 2011, the company has given Watson a varied series of job assignments: Cancer researcher, fitness coach, customer service rep. It has even learned Japanese, designed dresses and provided the brain for a talking toy dinosaur.

Now Big Blue says it will train Watson to fight cybercrime. The company says its security division will team up with a group of eight universities to teach the cloud-based computer, programmed to learn subjects in a manner similar to the human brain, on the complicated subject of cybersecurity.

The plan will combine some 20 years’ worth of IBM’s collected knowledge on how to protect computers against hacking with other constantly updating data sources, like databases of software vulnerabilities and research papers.”

Source: IBM trains Watson to be a cyber security cop – Recode

OODA Analyst

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