Criminals aren’t going dark, says Harvard study

“For years now, the FBI has been warning legislators and CEOs about criminals ‘going dark’ through encryption — and the responsibility of companies like Apple and Google to stop it from happening. But according to a new study from Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, that’s not what’s happening at all. Titled ‘Don’t Panic,’ the paper unpacks the context of the recent debate around encryption, ultimately deciding that police are at little risk of being locked out of digital communications at large.

The paper doesn’t deny that encryption has made some communications inaccessible, but argues those difficulties are easily made up for with new channels and opportunities for evidence-gathering. ‘There are and will always be pockets of dimness and some dark spots — communications channels resistant to surveillance — but this does not mean we are completely ‘going dark,” the paper reads. ‘Some areas are more illuminated now than in the past and others are brightening.'”

Source: Criminals aren’t going dark, says Harvard study | The Verge

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