Could Cyber Attacks Lead to Nuclear War?

“‘De-alerting’ nuclear arsenals could help reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack causing an accidental nuclear war between the United States and Russia, retired U.S. Gen. James Cartwright recently stated in an Associated Press interview.

Short fuses on U.S. and Russian strategic forces have particularly increased the risk of accidental nuclear war, according to Cartwright, while ’the sophistication of the cyberthreat [to nuclear weapons] has increased exponentially.’

‘One-half of their [U.S. and Russian] strategic arsenals are continuously maintained on high alert. Hundreds of missiles carrying nearly 1,800 warheads are ready to fly at a moment’s notice,’ a policy report compiled by a study group chaired by the retired U.S. general summarized.”

Source:Could Cyber Attacks Lead to Nuclear War? | The Diplomat

OODA Analyst

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