Protecting Canadian Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats

“Critical infrastructure consists of physical and information technology assets, such as the electricity distribution networks, telecommunications networks, banking systems, manufacturing and transportation systems, as well as government information systems and services that support the continued and effective functioning of government. Elements of critical infrastructure can be stand-alone or interconnected and interdependent within and across provinces, territories, and international borders. Most of Canada’s critical infrastructure is owned by the private sector or by municipal, provincial, or territorial governments, and much of it is connected to other systems.

Cyber threats to Canada’s critical infrastructure refer to the risk of an electronic attack through the Internet. Such attacks can result in the unauthorized use, interruption, or destruction of electronic information or of the electronic and physical infrastructure used to process, communicate, or store that information.

Our audit examined whether selected federal departments and agencies are working with the provinces and territories and the private sector to protect Canada’s critical infrastructure against cyber threats. This included examining leadership roles and responsibilities for securing key government information systems.”

Source: Chapter 3—Protecting Canadian Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats

OODA Analyst

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