Internet: from digital diplomacy to cyber warfare

“It is not already a fancy chiller but it something of a practical nature. And we are more and more getting involved into the wars of the 21st century, and those wars slowly but surely are moving to outer space and cyber space. Of course Internet is still operating and it has not been broken but there is already a danger, numerous dangers I would say. Of course most of the people think these are the dangers of economic crimes. That’s true, it is very important but it is nothing new. The danger lays more and more in the field of protection of the users of personal data and this protection is inefficient still. And I would say that people in Russia are yet to understand that many people using American network sites are at very big risk because through these network sites a lot of information is leaked out of Russia and not only to the US but also to the data processing centers in developing countries.”

Source:Internet: from digital diplomacy to cyber warfare: Voice of Russia

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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