LinkedIn Spam Attack Spreads ZeuS Malware

“Researchers at Cisco Security Intelligence Operations on Monday detected a new spam attack in the form of a false LinkedIn connection request. According to Cisco, these messages ‘accounted for as much as 24 percent of all spam sent within a 15-minute interval.’ Those who fell for the trap and clicked the link saw a Web site with the message ‘PLEASE WAITING…. 4 SECONDS’, after which the browser redirected to Google.

During that short time, the malicious Web site infected the user’s PC with the ZeuS data theft malware using a drive-by download, according to Cisco. ZeuS is a well-known threat commonly used by cyber-criminals to steal personal information, especially banking credentials. “

(Source: LinkedIn Spam Attack Spreads ZeuS Malware | News & Opinion |

OODA Analyst

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