05 Sep 2016

The Man Who Lit The Dark Web

“White’s Memex project would be a portfolio approach. Some tools would dive into the dark Web and present all the hidden onion sites to be found there as a list, something previously considered too difficult to bother with. Others would index and sort the enormous flows of deep and dark

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25 Aug 2016

CIA training artificial intelligence to spy on Earth from SPACE

“A CIA-linked firm has joined forces with Amazon in a bid to use ‘computer vision’ to snoop on the Earth in unprecedented detail. CosmiQ Works, a firm closely associated with the US intelligence agency, is working with the online retail giant and the satellite mapping firm DigitalGlobe to train algorithms to work out

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20 Aug 2016

China’s Master Plan for IT Dominance

“The Strategy reinforces official sloganeering that China must control foreign-owned ‘core technologies’ in integrated circuits, large-scale software, and core hardware components. China’s backwardness in these technology building blocks is listed among China’s most ‘prominent challenges.’ Beijing previously sought to adopt ‘core technologies’ through joint ventures and partnerships with leading foreign

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18 Aug 2016

Obama Administration to Privatize Internet Governance on Oct. 1

“The Obama administration said Tuesday it will formally shift authority for much of the internet’s governance to a nonprofit multi-stakeholder entity on Oct. 1, a move likely to spark a backlash from parts of Congress. The administration—as well as many in the high-tech community—regard the long-planned move as necessary to maintain international support for the

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18 Aug 2016

Twitter targets extremism, suspends an additional 235,000 terror accounts

“Over the last year, Twitter has been suspending accounts for promoting terrorism. The social network had already made it public that 125,000 accounts were suspended between mid-2015 and early 2016. Today we learned that Twitter has added an additional 235,000 suspensions, brining their two year total to 360,000 accounts. By Twitter’s

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09 Aug 2016

See Every Internet Connection in the World on One Giant Map

“On August 5, Matherly showed off a map he made of every phone, computer, smart home, connected cow, and Internet of Things device around the globe. To make the map, Matherly sent out Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo requests to some four billion devices connected to the internet, Matherly

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20 Jul 2016

Pentagon Wants to Automate Social-Media Checks on Clearance Holders

“The program would analyze public posts to help determine an employee’s suitability for Defense Intelligence Agency classified work. The Pentagon is conducting market research for a planned 12-month ‘social media checks’ pilot that would analyze public posts to help determine an employee’s suitability for Defense Intelligence Agency classified work.” Source: Pentagon

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18 Jul 2016

This Guy Trains Computers to Find Future Criminals

“Before his sentence, the judge in the case received an automatically generated risk score that determined Loomis was likely to commit violent crimes in the future. Risk scores, generated by algorithms, are an increasingly common factor in sentencing. Computers crunch data—arrests, type of crime committed, and demographic information—and a risk

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16 Jul 2016

Turkish government asked public to resist coup in text message

“As a coup against Turkey’s government took place yesterday, Turkish citizens were sent a text message that urged them to take to the streets to support democracy and resist the coup. The text message appears to have been sent out during the coup from Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP).” Source:

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14 Jul 2016

Crashed military drone in Somalia designed to look like a bird

“What’s most interesting about this particular drone are its wings: in addition to looking like a bird, the wings will flap, although it looks like it’s actually powered by two sets of propellers. A quick glance at it flying overhead likely won’t attract a lot of attention, which is exactly

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