10 Sep 2012

The Russian and Chinese Drone Programs

Unmanned aerial vehicles have become the signature of American offensive military operations. While far from perfect, drones are now critical to achieving US goals in an effective and efficient manner.  But how do the nations considered the United States’ closest “near peers,” Russian and China, compare in this critical capability?

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28 Aug 2012

Technological Leapfrogging in the Developing World: Successes and Failures

Governments and NGOs alike have lauded the explosion of cellular phones in the developing world. The World Telecommunications Union reported in 2011 that 79% of the population in developing states have a mobile phone. The planet now boasts over 6 billion cellular phone subscriptions. Landlines and internet availability have never

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14 Aug 2012

How computation can predict group conflict

“When conflict breaks out in social groups, individuals make strategic decisions about how to behave based on their understanding of alliances and feuds in the group.” Source: How computation can predict group conflict: Fighting among captive pigtailed macaques provides clues

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06 Aug 2012

Questioning the Offense-Defense Balance in Cyberspace

Analysts, policymakers, and defenders often paint a bleak picture of the cybersecurity landscape. The Internet was built for resiliency, convenience, and openness, not security, and barriers to entry are low, meaning that criminals, foreign intelligence, activists, and states have many opportunities to launch countless attacks, especially if they are automated.

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12 Jul 2012

Cyber security in the Emergency Services Sector

This article discusses some ongoing programs in the Emergency Services Sector (ESS) that can help your agency to identify its cyber footing.     . Protecting and ensuring the continuity and resilience of the critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) of the United States are essential to the Nation’s security, public

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29 Jun 2012

The Threat From Bad Malware Analysis

The leak that the U.S. was apparently behind the Stuxnet worm that impacted the Nataz nuclear enrichment facility in Iran came – as it always does – with a rash of analysis and opinion related to the hazards associated with “sophisticated” malware and “cyber weapons.” But it is a reliance

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29 Jun 2012

US Government Agency Insider Threat Planning

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27 Jun 2012

App offers safety in a riot

Interesting application of crowd sourced data drawn from social media streams and geolocation data. “A smartphone application, enabling people in the middle of riots to find safety, has been shown off at the TEDGlobal event in Edinburgh. The app has been developed by Salvatore Iaconesi, a newly created TED Fellow.

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13 Apr 2012

Fourth sea cable linking East Africa goes live 

“The fourth undersea linking East Africa to the rest of the world – Lower Indian Ocean Network submarine cable (LION2) has gone live, offering another redundancy route (an alternative option) to Internet service operators. “ Source: Fourth sea cable linking East Africa goes live – Corporate News |businessdailyafrica.com

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05 Apr 2012

11 arrested over suspected leak of cutting-edge display technology

“Eleven people were arrested on suspicion of leaking key technology involved in making next-generation flat screen displays, police said Thursday.    The suspects allegedly transferred the technology from flat screen display maker Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) to a local rival firm, using their past or current ties to either company,

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