01 Aug 2015

Eleven Colombian military personnel killed in plane crash

“Eleven Colombian military personnel were killed on Friday when their transport plane suffered motor failure and crashed in the northern province of Cesar, killing all on board, according to a statement from the Air Force. The burned hulk of the plane was found near the town of Codazzi, about 600

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01 Aug 2015

Saudi ambassador says bin Laden family members killed in private jet crash in southern England

“Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom says family members of the late al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden were killed in a private jet crash in southern England. In a tweet late Friday, Prince Mohammed Bin Nawaf Bin Abdel-Aziz offered his condolences to the bin Laden family, without identifying the

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26 Jul 2015

Three killed as small airplane crashes into Tokyo suburb

“Three people were killed when a small airplane crashed into a residential area of the Japanese capital, Tokyo, on Sunday, public broadcaster NHK reported, setting fire to houses and cars. Television footage showed the plane crashed upside down in the wreckage of a burnt-out house as firefighters and rescue officials

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15 Jul 2015

As cars rely more heavily on computers, risk of hackers grows

“The future of driving has been cast in terms of cars that talk to one another and eventually drive themselves, but all of that computer camaraderie on the roadways could fall prey to hackers unless the auto industry and regulators come up with stout defenses.” Source: As cars rely more

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08 Jul 2015

F-16 collides mid-air with small plane, killing two in US

“A small plane has collided in mid-air with an F-16 fighter jet over South Carolina, killing two people and sending debris into a mobile home park. Officials at Shaw Air Force Base said the F-16 pilot ejected to safety and was being treated for his injuries. But the two people

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30 Jun 2015

Indonesian Military Plane With 113 Aboard Crashes Into City

“An Indonesian military aircraft with 113 people aboard crashed into a neighborhood in the city of Medan on Tuesday, according to the head of the country’s air force. Forty-nine people were confirmed to have been killed, but the toll appeared certain to rise. Air Chief Marshal Agus Supriatna said in

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25 Jun 2015

French Anti-Uber Protest Turns To Guerrilla Warfare As Cabbies Burn Cars, Attack Uber Drivers

“Today’s taxi driver protest is getting out of hand. According to the police, 2,800 taxi drivers are protesting today against UberPOP, the European equivalent of UberX. With UberPOP, everybody can become an Uber driver — taxi drivers see the service as unfair competition as they have to get a special

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02 Jun 2015

All US United Flights Grounded Over Mysterious Problem

“ALL UNITED AIRLINES flights in the US were grounded this morning for nearly an hour, over ‘dispatching information.’ Though United hasn’t indicated the cause for the grounding, tweets from onboard passengers and a news report have indicated various possible reasons. ‘United began delaying flights at approximately 8 a.m. CT to

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27 May 2015

SpaceX cleared for US military launches

“The US Air Force has certified the private company SpaceX to launch military and spy satellites. A joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing has had a monopoly on those launches since 2006. Founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk, SpaceX has already won contracts with NASA to ferry cargo and crews

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26 May 2015

Americans Find Ways to Visit Cuba Despite Tourism Ban

“‘Is travel to Cuba for tourist activities permitted? No.’ That’s what the U.S. Treasury Department website says. And yet Havana is loaded with Americans, from the Floridita bar, where they pose for photos with a bust of Ernest Hemingway, to the Rum Museum, where they swig rum samples after trudging

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