26 Jan 2016

Israel’s electric grid hit by “severe” hack attack

“Israel experienced a serious hack attack on its electrical grid that officials are still working to repel, the head of the country’s energy minister said Tuesday. ‘The virus was already identified and the right software was already prepared to neutralize it,’ Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told attendees of a

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21 Jan 2016

Here’s what an Ashley Madison blackmail letter looks like

“The alleged blackmail letter goes on to give detailed instructions on how to make a Bitcoin payment. I checked out the Bitcoin address quoted in the letter and as far as I can see it has not received any payments. Of course, it is always possible that the extortionist is

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21 Jan 2016

Pentagon Delays Cybersecurity Requirement for 10,000 Contractors

“The Pentagon has delayed for almost two years a requirement that as many as 10,000 companies show that they have systems to protect sensitive but unclassified information from cyber-attacks before signing new defense contracts.” Source: Pentagon Delays Cybersecurity Requirement for 10,000 Contractors – Bloomberg Business

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20 Jan 2016

Chinese Soldiers Linked to US Military Hacking Case

“Two Chinese soldiers were ‘co-conspirators’ in a plot to steal US military secrets, including designs for the F-35 stealth fighter and other warplanes, a Canadian newspaper reported Tuesday.” Source: Report: Chinese Soldiers Linked to US Military Hacking Case

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19 Jan 2016

Source Code of Car Breathalyzer Firm Allegedly Dumped Online

“A hacker who goes by the handle ROR[RG] apparently posted internal documents of LMG Holdings and at least one of its subsidiaries — LifeSafer, which describes itself as a leader in ‘ignition interlock technology.’ The tech prohibits a vehicle from starting if a required in-car breath test  of the driver

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18 Jan 2016

Kiev airport goes dark after ‘BlackEnergy-linked’ power outage

“IT systems at Kiev’s main airport were floored over the weekend, sparking a renewed warning from Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) about further BlackEnergy malware-based attacks. ‘Attention: system administrators present a short list of indicators [that] network systems and networks [have been] compromise[d] with BlackEnergy malware,’ CERT-UA said in

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17 Jan 2016

Ransomware a Threat to Cloud Services, Too

“Ransomware — malicious software that encrypts the victim’s files and holds them hostage unless and until the victim pays a ransom in Bitcoin — has emerged as a potent and increasingly common threat online. But many Internet users are unaware that ransomware also can just as easily seize control over

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15 Jan 2016

Nuclear Facilities in 20 Countries May Be Easy Targets for Cyberattacks

“Twenty nations with significant atomic stockpiles or nuclear power plants have no government regulations requiring minimal protection of those facilities against cyberattacks, according to a study by the Nuclear Threat Initiative.” Source: Nuclear Facilities in 20 Countries May Be Easy Targets for Cyberattacks – The New York Times

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14 Jan 2016

The Pentagon Is Worried About Hacked GPS

“GPS is a two-edged sword. The Global Positioning System has been the foundation of a revolution in warfare that enables highly accurate smart bombs and navigation systems. With all the furor over civilian casualties caused by smart bombs, imagine what the toll would be without GPS weapons. On the other

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13 Jan 2016

North America’s underground cybercrime economy: Business is booming

“By the success of the criminal underground, one could easily conclude digital criminals have a distinct advantage over law enforcement agencies. As to why, one theory (PDF) suggests underground merchants (thanks to the internet) can conduct business throughout the world in relative anonymity.” Source: North America’s underground cybercrime economy: Business

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