25 Mar 2012

Foreign spies ‘penetrate’ US military networks

“Foreign spies should be assumed to have penetrated the computer networks of the US military, American politicians have been told. Security experts testifying to the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee said the penetration was likely so complete that attempts to curb it should stop.” (Source: BBC News – Foreign spies ‘penetrate’

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19 Mar 2012

Cyber Criminals Selling Millions of U.S military email addresses

“Web based underground market service currently selling Millions of harvested U.S government and U.S military harvested emails addresses to potential spammers, and find out just how easy it is to purchase that kind of data within the cyber crime ecosystem.” Source: Cyber Criminals Selling Millions of U.S military email addresses

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18 Mar 2012

U.S. accelerating cyberweapon research

” The Pentagon is accelerating efforts to develop a new generation of cyberweapons capable of disrupting enemy military networks even when those networks are not connected to the Internet, according to current and former U.S. officials.” (U.S. accelerating cyberweapon research – The Washington Post)

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16 Mar 2012

China Corporate Espionage Boom Knocks Wind Out of U.S. Companies

“Last June, three men squeezed inside a wind turbine in China’s Gobi Desert. They were employees of American Superconductor Corp., a maker of computer systems that serve as the electronic brains of the device. From time to time, AMSC workers are required to head out to a wind farm in

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15 Mar 2012

Gov`t braces for cyber attacks by N. Korea during summit

“The South Korean military raised INFOCON, the information operational alert level against North Korea, by one notch Tuesday ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit to be hosted by Seoul March 26-27. “ Source: donga.com[English donga]

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15 Mar 2012

Cyber-attack on BBC leads to suspicion of Iran’s involvement

“A “sophisticated cyber-attack” on the BBC has been linked to Iran’s efforts to disrupt the BBC Persian Service. In a speech Director General Mark Thompson plans to say that the internet attack coincided with efforts to jam two of the service’s satellite feeds into Iran.” Source: BBC News – Cyber-attack

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05 Mar 2012

FBI director: Cyber-threats will become top worry

“The director of the FBI told an annual gathering of cyber-security professionals on Thursday that the agency needs the private sector to help combat what he believes is becoming the nation’s No. 1 threat.” (Source: News from The Associated Press.)

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15 Feb 2012

Anonymous Takes Down NASDAQ Site with DDOS Attack

” NASDAQ also confirmed being targeted by a DDOS attack that disrupted access to their site, but they state that the website was not hacked and no information was obtained by the attackers.” (Source: Anonymous Takes Down NASDAQ Site with DDOS Attack – Softpedia.)

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14 Feb 2012

Chinese Hackers Suspected in Long-Term Nortel Breach

“Using seven passwords stolen from top Nortel executives, including the chief executive, the hackers—who appeared to be working in China—penetrated Nortel’s computers at least as far back as 2000 and over the years downloaded technical papers, research-and-development reports, business plans, employee emails and other documents, according to Brian Shields, a

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09 Feb 2012

Foxconn attacked by hacker group

“Foxconn, which has come under fire due to allegations of poor working conditions in its factories, may now be the victim of a hacking attack. 9to5Mac is reporting that a group calling itself SwaggSec was behind the alleged compromise, and was able to gain access to Foxconn’s internal networks thanks

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