22 Dec 2005

WaPo DHS Expose

A great start to what is going to be a multi-part series on DHS in the WaPo today: Born out of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, DHS was initially expected to synthesize intelligence, secure borders, protect infrastructure and prepare for the next catastrophe. For most of those missions, the

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21 Dec 2005

Imperfect System = Tortured Solutions

Much rending of hair and gnashing of teeth has been taking place since a leak in the New York Times revealed the existence of a Presidentially authorized secret program to intercept and exploit the communications of suspected terrorists that might be operating in the US. Under a presidential order signed

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21 Dec 2005


Via Judeoscope: [Hezbollah] — regarded by many as even more sophisticated than al-Qaeda — has sharpened its counterintelligence expertise over the years by keeping a step ahead of Mossad, Israel’s secret service. [They have] become ever more adept at intercepting electronic surveillance, penetrating cellphone networks and recruiting computer science technicians.

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16 Dec 2005

Terror Web Watch for December 16, 2005

Item 1: The Purpose of Hostage Videos Item 2: Defeat the Message-Defeat the Terrorist Item 3: Al Qaeda’s on-line Underground Railroad Item 4: Video: Execution of Badr members by AQ in Iraq The Terror Web Watch collects intelligence through active monitoring of Jihadist and other threat group web sites, forums,

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09 Dec 2005

Terror Web Watch for December 9, 2005

Item 1: Salafist Militants: Complementing Incitement with Video Instruction Item 2: The Saudi Maginot Line Item 3: Translation and Content Analysis of Ronald Schulz’s video The Terror Web Watch collects intelligence through active monitoring of Jihadist and other threat group web sites, forums, and other communication environments. Terrorists and their

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02 Dec 2005

Terror Web Watch for December 2, 2005

Item 1: Alleged “secret soldier” of al-Qaeda in Italy claims he has prepared a kidnap-and-kill plot for Berlusconi, threatens other leaders Item 2: Statement from Abu Musaab al-Suri: “Let every sleeper cell awake now” Item 3: Statement from Tawhid and Jihad in Morocco threatens “dirty, homosexual King” Mohammed VI Item

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18 Nov 2005

Terror Web Watch for November 18, 2005

Item 1: Upcoming Interview with Ayman al-Zawahiri announced Item 2: Algerian al-Qaeda affiliate GSPC celebrates pressures on Bush to announce a timetable for Iraq withdrawal Item 3: New bomb making videos in growing series show how to make mercury fulminate and PETN Item 4: New book discusses Jihadist strategy Item

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11 Nov 2005

Terror Web Watch for November 11, 2005

Item 1: Moroccan “Tawhid and Jihad” threatens Moroccan government officials Item 2: Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers issues statement explaining targeting of Amman hotels Item 3: Islamists demonstrate support for uprising in Paris suburbs Item 4: New bomb-making video provides introduction to explosives Item 5: Video Available:

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04 Nov 2005

Terror Web Watch for November 4, 2005

Item 1: Sophisticated new explosives videos said to originate with Hizbollah in Lebanon. Item 2: Bomb making instructional video shows how to make nitric acid Item 3: Rise in interest in acetone peroxide in the months following the London bombings Item 4: Anonymous threat forecasts attacks in Europe over the

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28 Oct 2005

Terror Web Watch for October 28, 2005

Item 1: Dangerous lessons given over the “Jihadist Cell Forum” allow amateur Jihadists to receive guidance from experienced fighters Item 2: “Asbat al-Falah” declares the commencement of Jihad in Morocco Item 3: Algerian al-Qaeda affiliate GSPC announces an Internet spokesperson Item 4: Ayman al-Zawahiri delivers plea for humanitarian aid to

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