22 Apr 2019

Sri Lanka suspects international terror link to Easter Sunday atrocities

On Easter Sunday, at least 290 people were killed and over 500 wounded in 8 explosions in churches and hotels in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. At least some of the attacks were suicide bombings. The government admitted that it received various warnings days before the attacks took

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19 Apr 2019

ISIS claims first attack in DR Congo, saying it killed soldiers near Uganda border

Islamic State on Thursday carried out an attack on a Congolese army base close to the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda, the terror group claimed, saying ISIS fighters killed 3 Congolese soldiers. This would be the first time ISIS has struck in the DRC. The

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17 Apr 2019

Washington will not remove Sudan from terror list while military rules: U.S. official

Now that Omar al-Bashir, the dictator who ruled Sudan for 30 years, has been ousted by the Sudanese military, the United States is not planning to remove the country from its list of terrorism sponsors. According to a US official, such a move will not be considered until “there is

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16 Apr 2019

Libya offensive stalls, but Haftar digs in given foreign sympathies

Khalifa Haftar’s push for Tripoli seems to have stalled, as his Libyan National Army (LNA) has not managed to make significant gains for about a week and still holds positions at 7 miles from the center of the Libyan capital. Thanks to support from various western military factions, the internationally

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09 Apr 2019

Libya death toll rises, Islamist militants exploit chaos

As the battle for Tripoli between the internationally recognized Libyan government and forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar continues, militants loyal to Islamic State on Tuesday took advantage of the chaos by killing 3 people in an attack on a town controlled by Haftar’s forces. According to the

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09 Apr 2019

Iran Warns U.S. Of ‘Dangerous Consequences’ As Saudi Arabia And Israel Back U.S. Move

As expected, the US State Department on Monday announced that it will designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a foreign terrorist organization. The IRGC is a military branch created after the 1979 Iranian Revolution with the aim of defending the country’s theocratic system. This will be the first time

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08 Apr 2019

US expected to brand Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group

On Monday, the US is expected to officially recognize Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization. The IRGC is a military branch created after the 1979 Iranian Revolution with the aim of defending the country’s theocratic system. Analysts warn that by adding it to the list

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03 Apr 2019

ISIS’s West African Offshoot Is Following al Qaeda’s Rules for Success

Now that Islamic State has been defeated in Syria, analysts are warning about the rise of Jihadist groups in West Africa. One of the most successful organizations in the region is an off-shoot of ISIS known as the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP). ISWAP is mainly active in the

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02 Apr 2019

Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies – Technical and Organizational Barriers and Future Threats

New research by RAND’s National Security Research Division (NSRD) scrutinizes the use of cryptocurrencies in the context of terrorist activities. While it is not currently viable for terrorist groups to exclusively rely on cryptocurrencies for their financial transactions, the researchers believe that this may change in the future. The study

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29 Mar 2019

The specter of Islamist extremism looms over West Africa

While the recent defeat of Islamic State in Syria certainly marks an important milestone in the fight against terrorism, analysts warn that West Africa is increasingly at risk of being overrun by jihadist fighters. Between November 2018 and March 23, violence related to the rise of extremist groups killed 4,776

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