10 Jul 2011

Major earthquake strikes off the northern coast of Japan

“A major earthquake struck off Japan’s northeastern coast Sunday, prompting tsunami advisories that were later canceled, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said.” Source: Major earthquake strikes off the northern coast of Japan – CNN.com

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07 Jul 2011

5.6 quake rattles Japan

“An earthquake registering 5.6 shook the Pacific off Honshu, Japan, the U.S. Geological Survey said Thursday. That is the area of northeast Japan ravaged by a March 11 quake and tsunami that knocked out power at the Fukushima nuclear plant.” Source: 5.6 quake rattles Japan – USATODAY.com

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06 Jul 2011

Powerful 7.8 quake strikes off Kermadec Islands

“A powerful 7.8 earthquake has struck off the Kermadec Islands. The quake was at a depth of 48.5 kilometres and was 12 kilometres from Raoul Island and 920km from Tonga.” Source: Powerful 7.8 quake strikes off Kermadec Islands | WORLD News

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23 Jun 2011

Officials monitoring rising floodwaters at Nebraska nuclear plants

“U.S. nuclear regulators say two Nebraska nuclear power plants have protected critical equipment from the rising waters of the Missouri River even though flooding has reached the grounds of one of them. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is confident those safeguards will prevent a disaster at either plant even though the

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20 Jun 2011

175 killed from China floods; more than 1.6 million evacuated

” and eastern China, the country’s Ministry of Civil Affairs said Monday. Another 86 people are missing from the flooding that began with rainfall on June 3. The ministry said 13 provinces have been affected, more than 1.6 million people have been evacuated, and the direct economic losses has reached

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18 Apr 2011

Death toll climbs in Japan as work goes on at nuclear power plant

“The death toll from Japan’s earthquake and tsunami rose to nearly 14,000 on Monday as efforts continued to stabilize a crippled nuclear reactor plant. Another 14,030 people are missing, according to Japan’s National Police Agency. Police and soldiers still are combing the ruins of coastal villages in search of more

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07 Apr 2011

Fresh quake triggers tsunami warning in Japan

“A powerful earthquake struck Japan on Thursday, triggering a tsunami warning for one prefecture and advisories in others. The warning and advisories were lifted by about 90 minutes later, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.” (Source: Fresh quake triggers tsunami warning in Japan – CNN.com.)

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18 Mar 2011

Nuclear plant chief weeps as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people

“The boss of the company behind the devastated Japanese nuclear reactor today broke down in tears – as his country finally acknowledged the radiation spewing from the over-heating reactors and fuel rods was enough to kill some citizens Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency admitted that the disaster was a

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17 Mar 2011

Almost Half of U.S., Including New Jersey, Faces Flood Risk

“Almost half the U.S., including crop-growing regions of the Midwest and areas around New York City and northern New Jersey, has a higher-than-average risk of flooding through April, according to government forecasters. The Mississippi River north of St. Louis, the Red River of the North and parts of New York,

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16 Mar 2011

U.S. Calls Radiation ‘Extremely High,’ Sees Japan Nuclear Crisis Worsening

“The chairman of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave a far bleaker appraisal on Wednesday of the threat posed by Japan’s nuclear crisis than the Japanese government had offered. He said American officials believed that the damage to at least one crippled reactor was much more serious than Tokyo

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