14 Nov 2019

Biggest Threats and Data: 2019 AR Threats Report

CDC recently released the 2019 AR Threats Report, which aims to highlight emerging threats to public health, drug-resistant bacterias becoming more common, and provide the latest information on data regarding the number of cases within the U.S. The report stated that Clostridiodes difficile affected 223,900 people in 2017, killing 12,800

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14 May 2019

Dog disease that can be passed to humans confirmed in Iowa

A disease that can be passed from dogs to humans has been confirmed in Iowa. While officials say the risk to humans is relatively low, it does represent a case of animal to human transmission that health officials will continue to track. In this instance, canine brucellosis was found at

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22 Feb 2019

North Korea warns of food crisis, slashes rations before next leaders’ summit

With only days to go until the US-North Korea nuclear summit, Pyongyang has released an official memo in which it urges international organizations to help the country address massive food shortages that have forced the regime to cut its food rations almost in half. North Korea blames the food crisis on United

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13 Feb 2019

New BBC investigation examines Sudan’s secret hit squads targeting politial dissidents

Did you see the groundbreaking BBC OSINT investigation this past summer on an earlier atrocity in Cameroon? The same research group has just released a new investigation on Sudan’s secret hit squads used by the government security forces to violently repress protests and arrest specific dissidents for detention and torture. Many

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12 Feb 2019

Report: North Korea may have made more nuclear bombs, but threat reduced

While the country has suspended nuclear and missile testing since 2017, it has continued to produce bomb fuel, expanding its number of nuclear weapons by between 5-7 and bringing the total to as many as 37. These numbers come from a report out of the Stanford University’s Center for International

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12 Feb 2019

Pentagon review calls for changes to how US investigates, reports civilian war casualties

Counting and estimating civilian casualties is an important process in U.S. military operations and in international relations, as these estimates form an important aspect of military planning and can be the basis of major international outrage. Estimates between the U.S., other governments, and various NGOs often differ widely, leading to

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11 Feb 2019

Ebola death toll in DR Congo passes 500, vaccinations proving successful

Although the number of cases continues to grow and the number of deaths have passed 500, the vaccination program against the ongoing ebola outbreak in the North Kivu province of the DRC is proving successful, according to health workers. 76,525 people have reportedly been vaccinated, preventing what the government health

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07 Feb 2019

Robots dismantle and neutralize 100,000 mustard agent chemical weapons

While some areas of mechanization are challenged by workers and others, the sector of chemical weapons destruction has been happily transitioned to robots. Recently, a destruction plant for chemical agents in Colorado successfully destroyed 100,000 U.S. chemical munitions, as required under the Chemical Weapons Convention that the U.S. signed in

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06 Feb 2019

Russian Navy has new weapon that makes targets hallucinate, vomit

According to the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, the Russian Navy has developed, tested, and deployed a new weapon that disrupts vision and can cause hallucinations and vomiting. The weapon, already installed on two Russian warships, reportedly functions by aiming a strobe-like beam of light at a target, reducing

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05 Feb 2019

El Chapo trial highlights how Mexico graft impedes drug war

El Chapo’s high profile case, as well as several other lower profile cases, are highlighting the impact and extent of corruption in Mexican politics and drug smuggling, risks that pose severe difficulties to both Mexican and U.S. drug enforcement efforts in the area. Some senior-level officials in the judicial, law

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