07 Jul 2010

More than 50 killed in attacks across Baghdad

“Militants struck across the Iraqi capital Wednesday, killing more than 50 people, including 32 in a suicide bombing that targeted pilgrims commemorating a revered Shiite saint, Iraqi police said. The attacks — the deadliest of which occurred in northern Baghdad’s predominantly Sunni neighborhood of Azamiyah — offered a clear indication

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21 Jun 2010

Three peacekeepers killed in Darfur attack

“Armed men killed three Rwandan peacekeepers in Sudan’s Darfur region on Monday in the latest assault on members of the U.N./African Union (UNAMID) force. More than 20 camouflaged attackers opened fire on the peacekeepers as they guarded civilian engineers building a UNAMID base in the mountainous eastern Jabel Mara area

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12 Jun 2010

Dozens killed as Kyrgyz authorities work to end unrest

“Kyrgyzstan’s interim government on Saturday worked to quell an upsurge of ethnic violence that killed dozens people and injured more than 500 others. The government said it declared one state of emergency in Osh, where fierce fighting between ethnic Uzbek and Kyrgyz youths broke out Thursday night and led to

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04 Jun 2010

Up to 200 foreign fighters in Somalia, U.S. officials say

“As many as 200 foreign fighters affiliated with al Qaeda may now be hiding in southern Somalia, according to the latest assessments by the U.S. military and intelligence community. Two U.S. military officials confirmed the estimate to CNN, emphasizing it is only an estimate because of the lack of direct

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