22 Sep 2011

Anonymous Declares Sept 24 “Day Of Vengence” In The US, Plans A “Series Of Cyber Attacks”

“Hacktivist group Anonymous have been busy bees this year, and they’re not planning to cool down any time soon. Earlier this morning, Anonymous (or some 12-year old kid labeling himself Anonymous, who knows) issued a press release announcing that the collective and “other cyber liberation groups” will “peacefully yet forcefully”

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21 Sep 2011

Singapore to set up national cyber security centre

“An increasingly wired Singapore is setting up a new National Cyber Security Centre to boost its ability in thwarting potential attacks on its cyberspace presence and critical infocommunications systems, such as power grids.” Source: Singapore to set up national cyber security centre

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19 Sep 2011

Hackers take down Mitsubishi – Japan’s defence industry attacked

“One of Japan’s most important defence contractors has been hit by hackers. The Yomiuri newspaper said that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ computer network was hacked. Factories that build submarines and missiles and make components for nuclear power plants were hit in what is thought to be the first serious attack targeting

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16 Sep 2011

Hackers attack Mexico’s official websites

“Several Mexican official websites, including that of the Defense and Public Security Ministry, were out of service Thursday after attacks by a hacker group called Anonymous. The ministry’s websites and those of several local governments went offline Thursday afternoon and could not be accessed so far. “ Source: Hackers attack

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14 Sep 2011

Cyber-attack: A big one is coming says US Cyber Command General

“Cyber security is a team sport says Army General Keith Alexander, who is commander of US Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency” (Source: Layer 8: Cyber-attack: A big one is coming says US Cyber Command General.)

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14 Sep 2011

DHS insider hacking case reveals serious network security vulnerabilities

“Recent interviews with current and former personnel involved in a 2008 federal investigation into hacking and other network abuse at an immigration application processing center in Texas portray an out-of-control information technology office at a key Homeland Security Department agency. The vulnerabilities exposed by the year-long probe raise troubling questions

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12 Sep 2011

Air traffic system vulnerable to cyber attack

“The team says the vulnerabilities it has identified ‘could have disastrous consequences including confusion, aircraft groundings, even plane crashes if exploited by adversaries’” (Air traffic system vulnerable to cyber attack – tech – 12 September 2011 – New Scientist)

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08 Sep 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

“When the Chinese penetrated Google in late 2009 — yes, that operation was Chinese, and yes, it was done with the blessing of a member of the Politburo — they weren’t after customer information. They were after the source code that makes Google unique. Nor was Google the only victim:

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05 Sep 2011

Stolen information worth £300m recovered by GCHQ

“William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said the agency had joined forces with the Serious and Organised Crime Agency to obtain the information as part of the ongoing cyber war against foreign states and criminals. A team of experts at GCHQ is understood to be working with the military to develop

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03 Sep 2011

Hacking exposes holes in officers Web security

“A cyber-attack on the email accounts of Texas police chiefs revealed the vulnerability even of the state’s top cops and appears to have prompted a new investigation into a notorious hacking group. The stealthy group known as Anonymous claimed responsibility for “Texas Takedown Thursday.” The email accounts of 25 members

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