03 Dec 2013

Scientist-developed malware covertly jumps air gaps using inaudible sound

“Computer scientists have developed a malware prototype that uses inaudible audio signals to communicate, a capability that allows the malware to covertly transmit keystrokes and other sensitive data even when infected machines have no network connection. The proof-of-concept software—or malicious trojans that adopt the same high-frequency communication methods—could prove especially

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02 Dec 2013

China Coal Bank website hacked by Japan hackers

“The official website of newly created Chinese coal bank has been hacked and defaced by Japanese based hackers. ‘www.MeitanBank.com’, It is reportedly the first bank in the world with coal as the core focus, founded by JinBen Investment Group co and 15 coal firms. The website has been defaced since

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28 Nov 2013

Cybercrime rate in Singapore dips, but victims losing 75 percent more

“While the cybercrime rate in Singapore has dipped, those unlucky enough to be victims have been losing more this year, according to a study by Symantec. The average cost per victim in the country rose 75 percent to S$1,448 (US$1,158), according to the Singapore details of the 2013 Norton Report

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27 Nov 2013

NSA ‘infected’ 50,000 networks with malware

“The US National Security Agency (NSA) infected 50,000 networks with malware, Dutch newspaper NRC has reported. The Tailored Access Operations department used it to steal sensitive information, according to a censored slide leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.” Source: BBC News – NSA ‘infected’ 50,000 networks with malware

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20 Nov 2013

FireEye Links Chinese Cyberattacks to Single Source

“The researchers say the evidence suggests there is a single group in China – akin to a defense contractor – that built these cyberweapons and distributed them to various hacking teams who focused on different targets. ‘Many seemingly unrelated cyberattacks may, in fact, be part of a broader offensive fueled

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19 Nov 2013

David Cameron promises to direct intelligence services to investigate ‘dark net’ of paedophiles

“David Cameron has pledged to use the intelligence services to investigate the ‘dark net’ where paedophiles share materials on peer-to-peer online networks after child protection agencies warned that new security measures announced by Google and Microsoft would do little to tackle such crime.” Source:David Cameron promises to direct intelligence services

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18 Nov 2013

Reference to Cyber Security “Wake-Up Calls”

“Here is some safe analysis for you: In the future, senior US policy-makers will declare that they have had a ‘wake-up call’ regarding the cyber threat. Your enterprise, whether you are in or out of government, will also have senior leaders that will make that statement. It is easy to

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18 Nov 2013

Meet The ‘Assassination Market’ Creator Who’s Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins

“Last month I received an encrypted email from someone calling himself by the pseudonym Kuwabatake Sanjuro, who pointed me towards his recent creation: The website Assassination Market, a crowdfunding service that lets anyone anonymously contribute bitcoins towards a bounty on the head of any government official–a kind of Kickstarter for

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14 Nov 2013

Automated Attack, Threat Intelligence Sharing Sought

“If you’re looking for tangible information sharing success stories around attack intelligence, some might point to the prompt publishing of indicators of compromise (IOC) as an example. Security and forensics companies will publish MD5 hashes of malware, IP addresses involved in attacks, malware signatures and more artifacts relevant to a

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10 Nov 2013

Threat of massive grid shutdown increasing in face of terrorism, natural disasters

“The nation’s aging, vulnerable power grid and the threat of natural disasters and terrorist activity make a long-term collapse that could leave millions of Americans in the dark a growing likelihood. – To experts, it’s not if, it’s when. – Parts of the nation’s system have gone down. – In

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