22 Nov 2012

Prince of Blackwater heads to Africa

“Erik Prince, who made a fortune in Iraq thanks to his politically connected and controversial Blackwater military contractor, is leading a group of Chinese investors on a hunt for natural resources and investment opportunities in Africa.” Source:Prince of Blackwater heads to Africa – CSMonitor.com

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03 Nov 2012

Feds: Defense firm put untrained guards in Iraq

“The federal government has joined a whistleblower’s lawsuit against a major defense contractor in Iraq. The lawsuit claims Triple Canopy Inc. used hundreds of poorly trained security guards to protect the Al Asad Airbase. The suit also claims the Virginia-based company falsified documents to cover up its guards’ deficiencies in

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10 Oct 2012

American Cities Going Bankrupt: Making Sense of the Growing Trend

Financial fallout in many US cities following the recession has left a growing number of US cities in economic crisis of their own. With no ability to pay runaway pension promises and even basic salaries, more and more cities are declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, however, is a last resort option that leaves a deep and uninviting scar on its cities for many years to come. Fortunately, the economic condition of the US as a whole is far better than the dire economic conditions of many of her cities.

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14 Aug 2012

Trapwire: It’s Not the Surveillance, It’s the Sleaze

“And Stratfor did more than promote Trapwire in Burton’s writing, as independent journalist Ben Doernberg discovered as he sifted through the WikLeaked emails. In the late summer of 2009, Fred Burton was appointed as the Texas Department of Public Safety’s assistant director for intelligence. To Stratfor president Don Kuykendall, the convergence of

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14 Aug 2012

Company formerly called Blackwater to pay sanctions fine

“The military contractor formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide agreed to pay a fine of $5 million to $7.5 million for trying to operate in Sudan in violation of trade sanctions and for other arms-trade breaches, according to documents unsealed on Tuesday.” Source: Company formerly called Blackwater to pay sanctions fine

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12 Jul 2012

International Agriculture in Transition

World food prices, food import/export levels, and food security are becoming more predictable and organized thanks to worldwide improvements in reporting, increasing regional agricultural development, and heightened governmental attention. The stage is set for major improvements in the development of international agriculture. In 2011, world food policy and food security

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15 Jun 2012

Coca-Cola returns to Burma after a 60-year absence

“Coca-Cola will resume business in Burma after a 60-year absence, following a US decision to suspend investment sanctions against the country.” Source: BBC News – Coca-Cola returns to Burma after a 60-year absence

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21 Apr 2012

Google execs, director Cameron in space venture

“Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and billionaire co-founder Larry Page have teamed up with “Avatar” director James Cameron and other investors to back an ambitious space exploration and natural resources venture, details of which will be unveiled next week. “ (Source: Google execs, director Cameron in space venture – Yahoo!

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11 Apr 2012

A huge buried treasure in Mozambique

“Two companies, Anadarko of the US and ENI of Italy, have announced gas finds of over 50 trillion cubic feet (tcf) combined off Mozambique. Abutting the Tanzanian border, both Area 1 (Anadarko) and Area 4 (ENI) form part of the promising geology of the Rovuma Basin. And there may well

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10 Apr 2012

Simon Mann: A gun for hire, with conditions

“”We were the good guys!” he exclaims, leaning back with the sort of charming smile he adopted on the playing fields of Eton and the battlegrounds of African wars. Simon Mann wants people to know his days as a  mercenary were about morality as well as money.” Source: Simon Mann: A gun for hire, with conditions [501808886] | TheAfricaReport.com

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