28 Oct 2014

Blow for former Blackwater tsar as Kenya Civil Aviation pulls air service license

“‘No Blackwater shenanigans in Kenya’ appears to be the message sent out by Kenya’s Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) when news emerged that Kijipwa Aviation Limited, a locally-incorporated airline with a base at their own airfield in Kilifi county, Kenya coast, was denied the renewal of their air service license, effectively

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06 Oct 2014

Google to Make Security Guards Employees, Rather Than Contractors

“‘Building an in-house security team is something we are excited to do,’ said a Google spokeswoman in a statement. ‘A year ago we in-sourced the Google security operations center and we are looking forward to making these valued positions both full- and part-time Google employees.’” Source:Google to Make Security Guards Employees,

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14 Apr 2014

Google Buys Drone Company Titan Aerospace

“Google has acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace, the Wall Street Journal reports. Titan is a New Mexico-based company that makes high-flying solar powered drones. There’s no word on the price Google paid, but Facebook had been in talks to acquire the company earlier this year for a reported $60 million.

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09 Apr 2014

US Contractor Greystone Denies Its ‘Mercenaries’ in Ukraine

“The Russian government today claimed there are more than 100 American ‘mercenaries’ from a defense contracting company disguised as Ukrainian troops in the embattled former Soviet nation, a claim the American firm and top U.S. officials deny. The Russian Foreign Ministry made the allegation in a statement today that accused

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03 Apr 2014

Former Blackwater man buys 49 pc of Phoenix Aviation

“Ex-Blackwater CEO and former US Navy Seal Erik Prince has deepened his involvement with Kenya’s aviation industry with the acquisition of a 49 per cent stake in Phoenix Aviation. Frontier Service Group Ltd, of which Mr Prince is the chairman, announced it had invested about $14 million (Sh1.2 billion) in

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11 Jan 2014

DVN Limited Announces Appointment of Erik Prince as Chairman

An interesting alignment that will be worth watching in the region. It would appear China is looking to leverage Mr. Prince’s Blackwater experience in support of their Africa endeavors. “Over the past five years, China has become the principal foreign investor in sub-Saharan Africa and is expected to contribute at

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APT1 Mandiant
03 Jan 2014

Making Sense of Mandiant’s Billion Dollar Valuation

The IT security market is popping Champaign corks today in celebration of the tremendous valuation placed on Mandiant. According to the New York Times, FireEye has agreed to pay $1 Billion in cash, stock and options for the Alexandria, VA, based Mandiant. This is a 10x revenue valuation based on

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08 Jul 2013

Activity-Based Intelligence Uses Metadata to Map Adversary Networks

“Few outside the intelligence community had heard of activity-based intelligence until December, when the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency awarded BAE Systems $60 million to develop products based on this newish methodology. But ABI, which focuses not on specific targets but on events, movements and transactions in a given area, is

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12 Jun 2013

Gartner Says Worldwide Security Market to Grow 8.7 Percent in 2013

“As companies continue to expand the technologies they use to improve their overall security, the worldwide security technology and services market is forecast to reach $67.2 billion in 2013, up 8.7 percent from $61.8 billion in 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. The market is expected to grow to more than

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09 May 2013

FRED WILSON: Here’s Why I’m Investing In Bitcoin

“The short explanation: ‘We believe that Bitcoin represents something fundamental and powerful, an open and distributed Internet peer to peer protocol for transferring purchasing power. It reminds us of SMTP, HTTP, RSS, and BitTorrent in its architecture and openness.’” Source:FRED WILSON: Here’s Why I’m Investing In Bitcoin – Business Insider

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