03 Jun 2019

How a Presidential Commission Was Tracking Hackers in 1996

The President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection is often cited as one of the most important initiatives from the 1990s that advanced our cybersecurity programs in the U.S.  The commission, which looked at cyber threats to critical infrastructure, created a lasting critical infrastructure framework that is still in use today. 

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28 May 2019

OODA Special Report: The Executive’s Guide To Innovation In Space

OODA is pleased to announce the next in our series of special reports on innovation topics for executive decision-makers. This one focuses on innovation in space.

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24 May 2019

Maturing the Cyber Threat Intelligence Field into a Discipline

My background is in operational intelligence. I started my career as a naval intelligence officer working the dynamic problems of operational fleets in real-world, ours-vs-theirs situations. I later worked joint and allied military intelligence, but still in that operational side of the field, trying to figure out what might happen

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20 May 2019

OODA Special Report: Executive’s Guide To The Revolution in Biology

OODA CTO Bob Gourley provides an overview of key thrusts of the transformation underway in biology and offers seven topics business leaders should consider when updating business strategy to optimize your opportunity because of these changes.

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14 May 2019

Use a 3rd Party to Setup Office 365? DHS Says You May Be at Risk.

The Department of Homeland Security CISA has issued an analysis highlighting observed security risks resulting from the use of third parties to move organizations to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud.

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10 May 2019

Is There An Emerging Global Food Industry Resiliency Crisis?

It is a truism that every society is only a few meals away from revolution, proven not for the first time when high food prices initiated the Arab Spring, and yet food security is a woefully neglected national security concern. America lacks a national food policy, even though we are headed towards a crisis.

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03 May 2019

Cyber Threat Analysis Report Volume 1, Edition 6

The black hat hiding in the closet and other analysis by Mike Tanji in this week’s Cyber Threat Analysis Report.

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03 May 2019

OODA Research Report – The Iranian Threat

OODA has released the next report in our threat briefing series, this on focused on the country of Iran. This special report captures insights into the capabilities and intent of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a special focus on the cyber domain. Our objective: provide insights that are actionable

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26 Apr 2019

Unmasking Maskirovka: Russia’s Cyber Influence Operations – OODA Network Expert Book Review

Unmasking Maskirovka: Russia’s Cyber Influence Operations examines Russian ‘Information Operations’ (InfoOps) as a tool of strategic influence.  This exploration is timely and relevant given the Russian assault on the American electoral process in the 2016 Presidential election—especially since the long-range implications are still being assessed.

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24 Apr 2019

OODA Research Report – The DPRK Threat

OODA has released the next report in our threat briefing series, this on focused on the country of North Korea.

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