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Rackspace Shuts Down Hosted Exchange Systems Due to Security Incident

Rackspace, a cloud security company, is investigating a recent cybersecurity incident that had implications for its Hosted Exchange environment. The company was allegedly forced to shut down the service temporarily while it investigated the issue and determined the source and scope of the attack. The Hosted Exchange service is designed to make it easier to use Microsoft Exchange servers for email. It began experiencing problems late last week, which the company confirmed to be the result of a cyberattack.

Rackspace has not clarified the nature of the attack, whether it was caused by ransomware or another type of cyberattack, and it is also unclear whether customer information was exposed. Rackspace stated that the impact is isolated to a section of the Hosted Exchange platform, however, it has not been confirmed whether attackers accessed any sensitive data. Rackspace has instructed its users to switch to Microsoft 365 for email services while the attack is investigated. Additionally, Rackspace is offering impacted customers free access to Microsoft 365 email services due to the Hosted Exchange platform outage. Security researchers state that the attack could be the result of exploitation of known vulnerabilities that impact Microsoft Exchange, but this information has not been confirmed by Rackspace.

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