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LA Unified School District Hackers Have Posted Stolen Data Online

The Los Angeles Unified School District was compromised by a threat actor group called the Vice Society earlier this year. It appears that the data from the hack has since been leaked on line after the school district confirmed that the hackers planned to post the data it stole from the institution. It is unclear how much or what type of data has been exposed thus far. The school district is the second largest in the US and serves over 600,000 students from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

The district’s superintendent confirmed the leak via Twitter over the weekend, stating that the institution expected that the data would eventually be leaked. The superintendent, Albert Carvalho, confirmed that the district was working with law enforcement to analyze the full extent of the data leak as well as the individuals impacted. The leak occurred after the school district confirmed last Friday that it would not be giving into ransom demands made by the extorters.

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