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Two-Fifths of US Consumers Suffer Personal Data Theft

According to a new report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, roughly 40% of US consumers have had their information stolen or compromised within the past year. The research consisted of polling 1371 consumers to determine the rate of repeat identity crimes and data breaches impacting consumers. The study found that the number of repeat identity crime victims has decreased year-on-year, however, half of the victims confirmed that they had been targeted more than once.

In addition, the individuals are suffering from more complex attacks when they are targeted. The percentage of cases that are unresolved increased by 20% between 2020 and 2021. Social media account takeovers have also soared, and the consequences victims suffered include losing personal funds or sales revenue. Instagram account hijacking was the most common attack. The impact of data theft is also becoming more severe. The number of victims who reported experiencing negative emotions such as sleeping disorders, stress, or changes in habits increased as well. The report also notes that the majority of respondents said they have changed their habits since the data theft incident to minimize the risks they face going forward.

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