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Iranian Hackers Launch Renewed Attack on Albania

Albania has accused Iranian hackers for launching attacks against Albanian authorities. In the latest attacks, Iranian hackers took border control systems offline. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama’s office took to Twitter over the weekend to confirm cyberattacks against the Total Information Management System that helps Albania track its border crossings. Albania condemned the cyberattack and stated that it will continue to work with its allies to make sure that its digital systems are secure. Albania decided to cut all diplomatic ties with Iran last week after the latter country launched a ransomware attack that took multiple government services offline.

During the previous slew of attacks, Albania worked with the FBI and Microsoft to ensure that it was confident about the source of the attacks. Albania and Iran have a long and complex history and the July attacks occurred before the Free Iran World Summit that was set to be held in Albania. The US Treasury has previously sanctioned Iran’s intelligence ministry for the July attacks, however, it is unclear whether the US will take further action regarding this incident.

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